I accept credit/debit cards and cash. Checks will be accepted for initial deposit, however final payment must be card or cash ONLY. Thank you for understanding.


Mini - $15/dozen. Minimum 1 dozen for an order. One flavor per dozen. 

Regular - $21/dozen. Minimum 1 dozen for an order. One flavor per dozen.

Jumbo - $24/dozen. Minimum order of 6 cupcakes. One flavor per 6 cupcakes.

Orders of four dozen or more require a contract and deposit. All orders must be placed 1 week in advance of your event date. Special flavors may require an additional fee which will be discussed upon ordering. 


Smash - Free with purchase of cupcakes or larger cake*

6-inch -  Starting at $24

8-inch - Starting at $35

10-inch - Starting at $47

12-inch - Starting at $60

All cakes require a contract and deposit. Cake orders must be placed at least one week prior to your event date. Special orders (tiered cakes, wedding cakes, fondant cakes, etc.) require an additional fee and will be discussed upon ordering.

*Smash cakes are only free for first birthdays. Smash cakes can be ordered for older children and other occasions at an additional fee which will be included in your quote. The same minimum order requirement applies for paid smash cakes. Cupcake order must be two dozen (minimum) regular or jumbo. Cake order must be 8-inch or larger. If you are a photographer and would like to order a smash cake for a shoot, please contact me directly at skylarparkerwalsh@gmail.com to discuss pricing.

Other Goods

If you are interested in ordering a pie, cheesecake, bread, or cookies, please contact me with what you would like for pricing. Price is dependent on customization of order.